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Landowner Information

Who is Alpha Omega Power?

Incredibly reasonable question to be asking! We are a utility-scale battery storage company based out of Houston, Texas. We have a cumulative 15 years experience in the battery storage space and more than 80 years in the broader energy space.

What is utility-scale battery storage?

Most people are familiar with lithium batteries -  they're responsible for keeping your phone working, your laptop humming, and, in some cases, your car running. Utility-scale battery storage uses that same technology, but on a much larger (utility) scale. Renewables such as wind and solar are great, but they have a problem - they cannot create power on demand. While we haven't yet figured out a way to make the wind blow or the sun shine, we have found a way to store that energy until it's needed with batteries. 

Our projects connect directly to the energy grid and provide a service -  storing excess energy generated until it is needed. Additionally, batteries can help maintain grid stability, acting as a "shock absorber" to sudden changes in supply or demand.

What will you do with my land?

If you sign any kind of land agreement with AOP, rest assured your land is in good hands. As a Company, we are committed to the development and deployment of storage facilities. Beyond that, we hope to own and operate these facilities throughout the project's life. It's right in our Company name, we want to be involved from Alpha to Omega.

The first step in the process is development. We'll have an environmental study done, along with a few other property assessments, to make sure your land is the right fit for our project designs (and to make sure the local utility is on board with the plan!).

Next up is construction. Over a 12-month window, watch your property transform into a standalone storage facility.

Finally, we begin operations. Batteries don't take up a lot of space, don't produce much noise, and aren't pollutive, so you'll rarely even know they're around. But we will be monitoring and maintaining as they strengthen our grid and lower you electric bill. 

How do I get paid?

Alpha Omega Power is backed by Fengate, a proven investor and developer. Once an agreement is signed, we'll set you up as a new vendor in our system and process payments following the schedule in your land agreement.


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